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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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today. august 1st. how fox reports wow, a new month. summer, where are you going. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. we're back tomorrow night. for now give me 4 until the factor. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i will just tell you what i have been hearing. they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids. >> bill: that was money unique davis a representative in illinois making incredible statement about the police. she will be here tonight. >> i'm inviting him for beemplet any time he would like to come down and sit down for the pub for a beer. >> i'm running for re-election in new jersey i don't have time for that at the moment. >> the verbal brawl heats up and the governor seems to want no detente. gutfeld and mcguirk on thanks the white house will have to scramble the state department, the pentagon and figure out where they go from here in their relationship with moscow. >> bill: what will
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president obama do now that russia and putin have insulted the u.s.a. by granting refuge to the nsa leaker snowden. lauer ingraham will weigh in. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the new haven register apologizes to fox news, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we reported last night, the new haven register newspaper ran an editorial earlier this week that compared fox news to the ku klux klan. apparently to paper upset that some people they don't like like ann coulter and ted nugent have appeared on this network. talking points demanded an apology from the register and now we have it quote: we did not intend to compare fox news to specifically to the kkk. and we should have done a better job clarifying that. there is no comparing fox news and the republican
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party to the kkk. and we were wrong in making that connection. unquote. however, on its web site the new haven register is displaying this editorial cartoon which is a nasty piece of work demeaning fox news viewers. contrite. the paper does have a right to editorial point of view. however, when it gets irresponsible, then the marketplace will take action and in the register's case it has. in 1995, the paper circulation was more than 100,000. today it's about 62,000. 2009, the journal register company which owns the paper went bankrupt. what the media never seems to learn is that once you cross a line into zealotry, you will fail there must be a fairness in reporting or the folks will walk away in large numbers. now, on to the core problem we have been dealing with helping poor black americans. there are reports that president obama might finally get involved now that the issue is center
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stage. >> yesterday's talks with house democrats the president reportedly said the administration is considering ways to improve the circumstances of at risk youth. particularly with minority youth. can you talk to me about some of those ways? can you give me any specifics? >> i don't have anything to add on to that except to say that he is obviously interested in as many are, what we can do as a country and at various levels to ensure that our children have opportunity to be educated and to join the economy in a productive way. >> bill: ugh. with all due respect that's not going to cut it so here, mr. president. are some very specific things that i hope you do.
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first, poor children cannot afford private education in this country. so please endorse school vouchers. that would get every american child an equal chance at a good education. second: any school district receiving federal funds will require public school students to wear uniforms. that sends a message you are in school not on your block playing around. third, you, mr. president, should begin calling out entertainment companies, name them that pedal garr package to kids. i submit that you as a father do not allow your daughters to listen to that destructive gangsta rap stuff. it coarsens, it promotes disrespect. it should be condemned by people who want the best for children. fourth: have the department of education launch a massive, massive campaign to discourage black girls and women, and also whites too and hispanics from becoming
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pregnant outside of marriage. yes, that would require a value judgment, mr. president, something you don't like to make but the out-of-wedlock birth rate is why why poverty and crime is so intense in many black precincts. unless you take steps to counter the destruction of the traditional black american family, all the other programs will amount to little. as we have seen over the last two weeks here. many civil rights people simply want to talk and talk and talk. they don't want to do anything. if you, mr. mted disagree with my suggestions i would like to know why. because those things that i have just laid out would help the situation immediately. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. we have been reporting for years violence in certain sections of chicago sought of control. last year 386 americans were murdered mostly by blacks. across the country the black-on-black murder rate stands at 90%. in response to that
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illinois state representative monique davis said this on the radio. >> i'm going to tell what you some suspicions have been and people have whispered to me: they are not sure that black people are shooting all of these children. there is some suspicion and i don't want to spread, this but i'm just going to tell you what i have been hearing, they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids. >> bill: joining us now from chicago is ms. davis. do you regret saying that, madam. >> well, i didn't say it, bill, i repeated what members of my community have said to me. and it is crucially important that people realize that that was not monique davis' statement. i was repeating what community members have said to me. >> bill: but you didn't say but that's crazy and they shouldn't even think this because that's not what's happening. >> well, do i have to say that. >> bill: yes, you do. because it came across that you -- here is why you have to say it for two reasons.
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number one you have credibility as an elected d number two, people don't know where you stand. are you buying that? are you not buying that? are you refuting that? that is destructive to the discourse. i mean, chicagoens as you well know are not gunning down black children, you know that right? >> well, certainly they are not, bill, but based upon the history of nerns in this country and based upon the fact that 70% of the murders in chicago are unsolved, 70% are unsolved people are wondering what the heck is going on. certainly monique davis who is a good friend to the police, who support the police, i believe they are our first responders and i respect that. but i have the right as a legislature to repeat what my community says to me. >> bill: not if its irresponsible you don't. >> i don't think it was
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irresponsible. >> you are think don't this was irresponsible to hear the chicago police force gunning down children without a thread of evidence you don't think that's irresponsible. >> i don't think they said that i said there was some suspicion. >> bill: even a suspicion. >> could be occurring. >> bill: that's irresponsible without any evidence. >> you don't know what my response to my community was bill o'reilly because you were not there. >> bill: it doesn't matter i know what you said on the radio in the full context of what you said. >> i repeated. >> bill: you didn't walk away from those comments. you didn't refute them. >> i repeated what was said to me in a radio show in detroit. never knowing it would get national attention and perhaps i should not have repeated what many community residence have said to me. >> bill: now we have common ground, you shouldn't have done it let's advance the. >> okay, bill. >> bill: you shouldn't have done it okay. now, i believe you are a sincere woman. i think you want the best for your constituents and a lot of them are poor and a lot of them live in violent
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neighborhoods, i believe that what do you think in am i right in saying that this violence is driven by chaos within the community. broken families, unsupervised youth. a coarsening of the whole situation. am i wrong in saying that? >> i think you are terribly wrong. the violence has escalated because of a poor ed education system. because of lack of employment. because of the inability to use a park district free as i did when i was a kid there are no resources to help these kids do anything. >> bill: has nothing to do with the family. it has nothing to do with the collapse of the family. >> i did not say it has nothing to do with it the family. >> bill: that's did you have a mom and a dad? >> big background. >> bill: did you have a mom and dad at home. >> everyone has a mom and dad maybe not at home. >> bill: did you have a mom and dad in the home. >> i had a wonderful and mom and dad. >> there you go, ms. davis, you know what? you had a wonderful mom and dad in the home and most of
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your constituents don't. >> so many of your actresses don't either. you have a lot of actresses who are having babies without being wed. >> bill: actresses are not living in the ghetto, ms. davis. >> no, you are absolutely right about that so we do encourage people to have a stable family. but what so many men are incarcerated, some justly and some unjustly, you are going to be without fathers in the home. >> bill: all right. you know, the excuse-making real little doesn't get us anywhere, okay. >> it isn't excuse-making. >> bill: i have got to go now. >> i would love to come back. >> bill: when you do something out there, you let us know. >> i will be happy too, bill. i would be happy to. >> bill: i will try -- >> you start the riot. >> bill: okay. next on the rundown, james carville will reply to that interview and reporting over the race situation in the last two weeks. later on putin america. what should president obama do with this guy. we're coming right back. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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all right, first of all. school vouchers in the poor precincts to give the parents that care a chance to get their kids out of maybe a school that's chaotic into a catholic school or a private school that does well. you favor? >> no, i'm pretty cool. but i'm pretty warm on the idea of charter schools. the administration has been very supportive. duncan was and we are had the most improved urban school district in the country. >> bill: why can't you do both charter and voucher. >> charter schools the research behind it is very, very, very dubious. and the people get the charter and they go like in -- and we had had here in louisiana and monroe and going to like a basement, in some where one room. i'm not necessarily reflectively against them. but they haven't worked very well. i'm seeing the charter schools work very well here in new orleans. i think we should push that. >> bill: free choice situation. nobody is forced to go anywhere. you would oppose school vouchers? >> yeah. you asked me, i'm very cool on the record on them is
5:15 pm
not very good, and a lot of them they get the voucher or not enough and they can't go to the school. >> bill: in washington, d.c., shows exactly the opposite. that when vouchers were given, that it gave poor children a much better chance to succeed. >> i know the charter schools down here have worked very well. >> bill: all right. i think you can have both. school uniforms for public school kids, all right? sends a message, all right? it also takes economic pressure off poor people. it gets the kids, in hay. you are in school. this is what we do in school. >> it's a clinton idea. if you say in every school district it gets federal assistance that would be every school district in the country. >> bill: yeah. that's right. >> i don't have a problem with that. >> bill: school uniforms got a check on: calling out the bad entertainment companies, the lil' waynes and all of who are putting out and i don't know whether you have listened to that lately, it's getting worse and worse and worse now. >> yeah. i'm going to confess that i'm not a big -- i don't partake in a lot of the this sort of culture that the younger people do.
5:16 pm
>> bill: you are not totally owe oblivious. >> i think mrs. gore, tipper gore was into this in the 80's. i don't know how much effect that would have. >> bill: you don't think if president obama started calling them out by name it would have an effect? >> i think the president sets an extraordinarily good example for all of america and people like you and i -- i wrote about this in 1996 who think two parent families are the preferable way to raise children is he a superb parent. >> bill: would you oppose president obama calling out these entertainment knock it off. >> i wouldn't oppose it if he did it wouldn't have much effect will. >> bill: i do. >> we disagree. i wouldn't oppose it i wouldn't be mad at him if he said look some of this stuff. >> bill: put a check next to us. call out the entertainment companies and knock it off. all right? >> all right. >> bill: the big one is the collapse of the family, traditional family in the african-american precincts the stats once again, 73% for for instance, 52% for
5:17 pm
latino families. and 26% out-of-wedlock for whites. it's a catastrophe at 73%. so, i want a big public campaign, funded by the federal government, to go in and tell the girls and the young ladies, don't do this. this condemns you to poverty it is destructive to your child. wait until you have a stable situation to become pregnant. would you get behind that campaign? >> i would get behind it if it had comprehensive sex education and had easy access to contraception. >> bill: that's all aadjacent. >> no it's not. i think the federal government is going to tell a 17-year-old that you just wait and you don't have sex. i don't think that's going to be effective. >> bill: has nothing to do with sex it has to do with getting pregnant. >> one leads to the other. >> bill: protection available and planned parenthood, every place else.
5:18 pm
>> let's really fund planned parenthood. let's really fund. >> bill: you don't want pier pressure brought. you want to fund? fund? fund? >> i want to fund comprehensive sex education. >> bill: it's already funded. >> no. fund it -- fund it more and co. >> bill: more money. >> not the stuff that doesn't work. >> yeah, absolutely. i want easier access to contraception. >> bill: why don't we have the good humor man have contraceptive on the ice cream truck. >> maybe so. if that would help. >> bill: come on, james. it's all about a societal attitude. >> again, the federal government is not going to stop young people from having sex. >> bill: it's going to discourage, actively discourage pier pressure. >> the idea that it's going to be a federal announcement telling people stop this. >> jay-z, the big -- $100 million man, have him get out and do a couple of public service announcements. >> have comprehensive sex ads and have planned
5:19 pm
parenthood available to these children. >> bill: it's already available, james. >> the teen pregnancy rate is dropping in this country. >> bill: have sandra fluke go door to door in all the poor neighborhoods. >> okay. >> bill: all right, james, always interesting talking to you, we appreciate it collectly ahead on laura ingraham on putin disrespecting the u.s.a. what should we do about this guy. and, later, gutfeld and mcguirk on the continuing verbal brawl between senator rand paul and governor christie. those reports after these messages.
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5:23 pm
temporary asylum by vladimir putin. this of course is an insult to the u.s.a. that wants to try snowden for violating national security. joining us from washington, fox news analyst laura ingraham. you used to live in russia. you were just speaking russian to me. what would do you to putin? putin is doing this on purpose. he doesn't have to give this guy asylum. he is spitting in the eye of the u.s.a. and really sending a message to president obama like, you know, we are not going to -- we are not going to cooperate with you. what would you do to putin? >> i think there are a couple things we can do. and number one, of course, we can ratchet up the rhetoric, which of course, we are not going to do anything. not going to accomplish anything. >> bill: putin public spats with putin won't help him. >> bare chested and hunts a bear or something. goes fishing and pulls out those four feet long catfish, whatever he is fishing for. you could as lindsey graham is suggesting, threaten to boycott the olympics and sochi. is that going to happen? i doubt it will. will it really accomplish
5:24 pm
much? no. it kind of goes back to the old cold war, you know, moscow olympics in 1980. i don't think they dual that bill, we could also say, well, the president is not going to meet as planned on september 5th with vladimir putin in moscow. is he going to make the trip to the g-20 in lunden grad, excuse me st. petersburg when i was there. he st. petersburg he will go there but not speak to putin one-on-one. do i think that matters to putin? i really don't. there are very few things we could do now bill right now given how bungled this relationship with russia has been. i would say going back sadly to the george w. bush years when, you know, he looked into his soul and he could see the real man of vladimir putin. students of russia and people who understand russia, i think, believe that in the era of the new openness after the collapse of the soviet union, there is still a strain and a very strong strain now, of the old lurch to more
5:25 pm
totalitarian or communist thought. clearly putin has been of that mind set. he is not changing. doesn't mean we can't work with him on some things. but we have to be much more realistic. >> putin doesn't care about snowden. he couldn't care less with him. he is using this. >> to prop himself up. >> show how tough he is. i'm much tougher than your guy. and that's what he is doing. so, if it were me. if i were barack obama, number one, i wouldn't say anything publicly because that strengthens putin. that gives him more power. i would send kerry over there. pretty soon. >> oh, god. that's going to be a disaster. >> bill: kerry, you might not like him, but kerry can be forceful. >> he has done so well on the middle east peace process. >> give it a chance. they they are chatting now. i'm not optimistic about anything. give them a chance they are talking. send kerry over and say listen, vlad, we want snowden back here and let's find a way to do that.
5:26 pm
and if you don't, if you are gonna continue to embarrass us and continue to spit in our eye, then we're going to, you know. >> trade sanctions. >> bill: cancel contracts with you. >> trade sanctions. do some of that. because the russian economy is like this. you know. >> russia desperately needs. >> economic growth and jobs. they do desperately need an expanded trade with the united states. and more business and infrastructure investment. we have a lot of real estate companies over there. they need more of that. >> bill: and then kerry says and you know vlad, we will do a solid down the road. >> we will do something for you. >> bill: to just, you know, send this guy back. let's just work this out. if you didn't, then you really start -- >> -- the thing, bill about this though is that putin is so. it's so unconscionable on some levels. he stops the international adoption so he would rather sacrifice thousands of russian children who have no home.
5:27 pm
he would rather do that to make himself look bigger in his own country, standing up to the bad americans. >> bill: look, he is a bad guy. >> that's how are dealing with. >> bill: no. here is who you are dealing with he was in the upper hierarchy of the kgb. he is the lowest. you have got it deal women h he is in charge over there you have got it deal with him in strength. you have got to be tough. >> laura: since the reset button bill in that bad translation it's been all down hill from there. >> bill: i will send you over. >> there i will deal with him. >> bill: kerry doesn't want to talk to him. can you speak russian? [speaking russian] >> bill: as soon as you said that toe moo i would send snowden right back. >> excellent. >> bill: a special watters world on the military vets who suffered severe injuries in iraq and afghanistan. factor viewers have gotten hundreds of them while tech wheelchairs. he will talk to some of the vets. gutfeld and mcguirk on the christie and rand paul. heavyweight for sure. we will stay tuned to those
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astrazeneca may be able to help. record profits. inequality of opportunity is growing quality. inequality. not just morally wrong it's bad economics. >> bill: here now is fox news anchor lou dobz difference between well americans and poor americans. >> there is vast differences between wealth and income by race, by education. by circumstance. you highlighted one of them if at the outset of the broadcast. and that is single parent
5:32 pm
households. and the left in this country refuses to acknowledge the impact that that one statistic has, that one condition in our society has on poverty. incarceration, crime, and psychological illness for crying out loud. it is so pervasive, so profound that this has to be a conspiracy of ignorance to owe void the conclusion. >> bill: i don't know if it's a conspiracy of ignorance. it's certainly a conspiracy to not do anything about it? >> absolutely. >> bill: for whatever reason. some people make money off of it and some people have power off it. whatever. there is in this country an under class. an underclass. >> well established. >> bill: when the president says and all the other black leaders that we talked to, well, we need jobs. we need jobs. you have to be able to do something to have a job. and a lot of -- not a lot, but some of these younger, not just black, white, hispanic, they can't speak
5:33 pm
english, they can barely read. they are covered with tattoos, they are disrespectful. they can't do any jobs. literally can't do them. >> this president has migrated a bit. instead of blaming george bush for our societal ills and challenges, instead of blaming george bush for this economy, now he is blaming the american way of life. our economic system. and the way we do business in this country. >> bill: he really believes that the federal government can somehow lift the underclass up. and i'm going how? how? >> i think there is -- there are a number of ways to begin. you identified one. and that is this president stands in that bully pulpit and he says to everyone who will listen. please: do not become a parent, do not engage in activity that results in a single parent household. and does so with great vigor, great energy. >> bill: that would be a tremendous start but is he never going to do it it.
5:34 pm
>> the second thing he may not do is say to the national chamber of commerce which is so occupied right now with a host of other issues, whether it be international trade, illegal immigration, say to them in your local chapters of the chamber, start working with local business, bring those kids in high school all the way through the system. work together with the community to stop the dropout rate. he can do all sorts of good in that way. >> bill: i mean, i would like to see that community activism but i think it starts with education. you have to totally revamp the public school. put them in the uniforms. here are the rules that kind of stuff. you have to start to do it? >> i don't know but. i had a uniform in high school. i had a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt. and it worked pretty well. because most of us were in about the same socioeconomic condition. we were relatively poor. >> bill: it's different now in schools. >> it is different. but the things that matter can be done quickly and simply by a president who cares. and if he cares about these people, he will start by
5:35 pm
talking about what would be the impact if we move from a volunteer army to, once again, the draft. and make certain values that are sacrifice and responsibility and duty. campaign of personal responsibility. >> what greater responsibility is there than for every kid, irrespective of race, religion, economic circumstance and to serve his or her country. we have got to get back to it. >> bill: in theory, you are right, it's not going to happen here in america. it happens in switzerland. but won't happen here. >> it happened in america for 225 years. we only had to use it 35. >> bill: our society anymore though. lou dobbs, everybody. when we come back, gutfeld and mcguirk on' chris christie vs. rand paul. a dirty novel. what would allah say. jesse watters talks to some vets that have the new high tech wheelchairs donated by
5:36 pm
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to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly, in what the just happened segment tonight. two hot topics, apparently terrorists detained in guantanamo bay want to read a dirty novel. what would allah say? and the tipping verbal spat between rand paul and chris christie. >> we're going to have to patch things up if we can
5:39 pm
sit down. i am invited him for a beer any time he would like to come down and sit down at the peb. right around the corner from the senate, we have a beer. >> i'm running for re-election in new jersey. i really don't have time for that at the moment. you know, i mean, if i find myself down in washington, i will certainly look him up. but i don't suspect i will be there any time soon. >> bill: all right here now greg gutfeld and bernard mcguirk. christie can get a bit nasty. i thought paul was a sincere thing he wanted to come in and -- you know, i'm going to tell you this real personally gutfeld. i think christie has got to stop being a nasty guy. >> you know what? he doesn't act that way around bruce springsteen. you have got to be a musician. it's like watching your parents fight. i like both of these guys. >> >> bill: you do. >> i really do. they are both arguing over national security from extremes. when one says you are not for the nasa programs then you are going to allow 9/11 to happen again. the other one says if you
5:40 pm
are for the nsa you are for a police state. you can't argue that way about national security. there. is a middle ground though that you can reche in. this but i would say this. i think i would have to correct both of you, perhaps, on the nastiness, it was rand paul who threw the cheap shots first that governor christie was exploiting 9/11 victims. and he also called him the king of bacon. >> bill: now it looks like -- >> he wants to make friends. >> first you have got to finish the fight the king of bacon who represents the give me give me give me state. half a fat joke and inaccurate statement about the give me, give me, give me which bacon boy governor christie pointed out daddy's boy governor rand paul more than they get from the federal government when kentucky gets a lot more than they give. they both slung mud at each other, okay. fine. that's what happens sometimes in politics. but it seems to me that paul wants day tonight. and that christie doesn't. >> well now because he got slapped around and he got beat. >> whatever the reason, shouldn't they all be friends? >> he is grabbling.
5:41 pm
>> i have a solution. >> a cop show called curlily and cubs. one is is a renegade with a. another is a veteran with no patience. >> bill: i like it curly and stubs. they solve crimes but also married. what do you think? >> bill: i think nbc would go for that. they got to put something on. >> how about jerking the fat man. [ laughter ] >> bill: you always take it to the extreme. >> i'm with team christie. >> bill: you guys been to guantanamo bay, either of you? >> i have relatives there. >> i have been there twice. [ laughter ] >> i met them when i was there mcguirk. >> the hairy guy with the beard. >> he was in solitary because is he like you. anyway, some of the reports are that some of the detainees all of them islamists want to read this novel about whips and chains. what's the name of this thing a shade of grey or something. >> like you don't know. >> 50 shades of grey. >> you were telling us how
5:42 pm
many how much you enjoy it? >> you have my copy. >> bill: i wasn't telling you i enjoy it this is a semi pornographic novel. are you surprised that the inmates want this. >> i am very surprised. actually, i think it may be a bit this is half a back a do congressman that was the source. but, if it is true, it is -- >> bill: you think it might be propaganda? >> from us yeah, saying that they want it. i'm telling you it's kind of lonely there in guantanamo bay. >> this more ran nut is trying to humanize these idiots by saying that's what they want. >> bill: why would he want to humanize them by that book. >> it's a beautiful book, bill. it touched me. can i just point out. >> bill: don't say it, mcguirk. mcguirk just looked at me and don't say it you are insane. >> i am. but i want to point out that playboy and penthouse are no longer sold on army bases meanwhile guys that are being held because they are perhaps terrorists can read this stuff. that is kind of strange. >> bill: i don't know if we want terrorists to read about tieing people up.
5:43 pm
i don't think that is good. try it. it's not so bad. >> it fits their world view though. women tied up with a gag ball in their mouths. >> bill: might be something to that the way they see it. i wouldn't give it to them if i were in charge of guantanamo bay. don't say anything. [ laughter ] >> bill: gutfeld and mcguirk. watters world on deck. a very special edition. factor viewers have donated millions of dollars to help the severely wounded american vets. we will tell how three of them are doing with the new track chairs when when we come back. [scream] ♪ don't tell mom. don't tell mom. don't tell mom! don't tell mom. okay. don't tell mom. don't tell mom. don't tell mom? yeah. the best stories you'll ever tell start with, don't tell."
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. campaign underway to get high tech wheelchairs to the most severely wounded veterans of the iraq and
5:47 pm
afghanistan campaigns. the so-called track chairs cost $15,000 each. the five living presidents signed this picture and the sale of nine of those pictures brought in about a million dollars. replicas of the picture brought in another 6 million and counting. and if you donate $25 or more independence fund. independent sponsoring the track chairs, you get a picture suitable for framing on bill o'reilly got come. now, factor viewers in the country. hundreds of veterans, three of them met with jesse watters. one from arkansas. the other from ohio. and the third from texas. roll the tape. ♪ ♪ what does that stand for? >> it's just a nickname i got the first time i was in college. >> how did you get it. >> let's just say i used to be unpredictable. >> cannon, i just turned
5:48 pm
17. i'm from sugarland, texas. >> drew malik. >> in northeast ohio. >> i deployed april 1st, 2012. in kandahar province. >> we shipped off to iraq october of 2007. >> deployed in the better part of 2010 and then i was injured in may of 2012 i was with second infran tri out of fort lewis. >> when you sustained your injuries. >> december 29th we were going back to the base to do vehicle maintenance. somebody stopped our convoy and said they saw somebody drop a roadside bomb at this check point. i stood up and the bullet went straight through my neck and out the back it hit my c 6 c 7 vertebrae i'm paralyzed from the neck down. >> mission was to go into a town and set up a little base there. there is a thing that seemed out of place. i found the ied and it went off. i was staring right at it. i knew what it was. i remember going in the airenned a i think i cussed
5:49 pm
before i even hit the ground. i knew exactly what happened. everything felt real hot. >> we were on a dismounted patrol on abandoned compound and i stepped on dismantled ied. the beginning of saving private ryan, everything goes cloudy and the hearing, the bells and the smoke, they did a pretty good job. i wasn't even aware of my injury. i just knew that i couldn't stand up. and i kept trying to lead the patrol until my platoon leader kind of patted me on the head you need to worry about getting out of here. >> i was amputated at the knee right at the blast. the blast removed my right leg. >> i know that i'm in danger and something is not right. >> my wife was three months pregnant when i was injured. i definitely want to get up and walk before he was born. help out with him. >> he is clapping for you. >> yeah. he is a little ham bone. >> what was your emotional state of mind during that period? >> it took me a while to accept the fact that i got the easy way out.
5:50 pm
>> so your mom came to see you. >> it felt good to wake up and see her face because i knew that my dad had passed. my smom a trooper. >> i love you. >> family and keeping focused family and keeping on going. >> we talk about things being significant, emotional events and they're not. this was. i probably think about it a little bit every day. but to say that i dwell on it, no, i don't think i do. >> your relationship with your wife, how has that changed since you've gotten more mobility? >> she's been my rock through this whole thing. every day of my recovery has gotten our relationship has continued to get stronger and stronger as i have shifted from patient mode back into husband mode. i can do virtually anything i want to do. it's going to take some equipment to do it. >> mr. o'reilly, i promised that you would have a cheer. on behalf of the independence fund add the hard work mr. o'reilly has done, i want to present you with your very own
5:51 pm
action track chair. >> i was in the track chair late last year, driving around in the woods and it was really cool. my first thought was i have to get one of these. >> he's like what do you think of that track chair standing in the back, do you want it? i just screeched. this breaks the mobility barrier. >> do you get under the hood a lot? >> now i can. >> i don't want my life to be about the injury. i want my life to be what i -- how i became better after the injury. >> mr. o'reilly has been -- i thank him for everything he's done. >> the gift, it's absolutely liberating. definitely a big thank you to mr. o'reilly for enabling us. >> i challenge him to come out and play paintball with us. we'll take the chairs and take some veterans out and we'll play paintball. >> all right. i'm going to do that.
5:52 pm
>> i told him, i said, bill doesn't lose -- >> i got to go to chicago first to the town meeting. then i'll go to the paintball thing. what i found when i went down to walter reed to talk to some of these guys, that's before we started this campaign, was that their spirit has not been crushed. most of them. i mean, some of them, i guess, succumb to it. but they just are so brave, that's the word. it's just brave. right? >> so that those of us who didn't have to sacrifice in these wars and haven't had to sacrifice for our country, we have to do what we can. these machines are unbelievable. >> they're unbelievable. they're so incredible, we followed a guy and he was going in such a rugged terrain, our cameraman fell into a river trying to film him. that's how crazy off road you can get. not only can you go camping and hunting, you can fish, you can even play golf because now the standard track chair, you can elevate yourself into an upright position. dylan cannon is a car guy.
5:53 pm
he owns ak camaro. he can now look inside the engine. he was never able to do that before. >> the kids love it, they can carry the kids in the chair with them, the little kids, and go to the beach with them. good job. we don't want to be maude lynn about this. we just want to -- we're doing this piece so the viewers can know where the more than $7 million have gone. if you haven't given or you'd like to, it's independence independence one patriot who runs it. all the money goes to this. there's no administrative costs. steve luker, right? >> i'm going to call him luker. >> amazing guy. >> he's a patriot. we're going to have him on in a few weeks to talk to us about it. nice job. >> thank you. >> you're coming out with me to the paintball. me and waters. >> we're on the same team. >> we might be in some trouble. >> we'll surrender the first 30 seconds. >> wave the right flag. >> there we are. also i want to thank sherri lansing. used to be paramount pictures
5:54 pm
chief. two of her friends donated a couple of track chairs in honor of her birthday. we want to get the showbiz involved. you hollywood people, you should support it. thanks. waters factor tip of the day. some great dessert in a moment. the dip, two minutes away. for pain and swelling? apply cold therapy in the first 24 hours. but not just any cold. i only use new thermacare® cold wraps. targettemp technology delivers a consistent, therapeutic cold to stop pain and start healing. new thermacare® cold wraps. a better way to treat pain. [ male announcer ] once in a while, everything falls into perfect harmony. [ engine revs ] and you find yourself in exactly the right place
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learn where to find your number at tip of the day about dessert in a moment. but first, we're definitely looking out for you by giving you steep discounts on gear this summer. check it out on bill o' also my three books are best sellers. killing lincoln approaching tw years in the marketplace. killing kennedy one year. all are in the top 25 which is incredible. i thank you all. now to trinidad, tobago, mr. shell on from the naacp constantly repeated the word conversation but never suggested actually doing anything about the race problems. florida o'reilly, you let a
5:57 pm
smiling hillary shelton get away with three conversations and a comprehensive responsible. dr. paul choy nof, winnipeg, canada, the problems in the black community are due to both in the breakdown in the family and the lack of job opportunities afforded to blacks. jobs go to people who can do the jobs, doctor. if an american doesn't speak properly and walks around with a chip, there's few jobs available. pete shaw, south carolina, bill, i was excited to see the spotlight the grievance industry and the resulting consequences of it. but i'm beginning to despair after seeing the reaction from the black leadership. the issue now in the open, pete. the country knows who is saying what. that's the beginning. change is tough, but the sharl tons have been exposed. >> you got most of the country to adopt jessica's law. now you're checking on the grievance industry. that takes courage. i know you will succeed. hope so. thanks for the kind words.
5:58 pm
ben weber, new haven, connecticut. bill on behalf of the people of this good state, i apologize made for comments made by the new haven, register. i worked at channel 3 in hartford so i know the paper in new haven does not reflect the views of the folks. michael millicent, staten island, new york. bill, i'm beckigging you to sto putting miller on the air. we love him. he was out of control last night. you saved him from himself, bill. i always do that. >> hey mr. o, i like lincoln's last days and kennedy's last days. it will be out in time for christmas, jim. the adult version, killing jesus, comes out september 24th. on monday, this coming monday, bill o' will begin to take orders for killing jesus and i think you'll like the book. the fact or tip of the day. the waistline becomes an issue. i'm a big dessert guy, ice
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again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." president obama and his liberal cohorts have been out in full force pushing the white house's official talking points on the many scandals that are swirling around the administration calling them "phony." tonight, we've taken this administration to task. by the way, mr. president, i hope you are paying attention tonight. now for starters, i'm not sure where the white house came up with the erroneous definition of the word phony. that's the absolute last phrase i would use to describe the controversies that are plaguing this presidency. and to help prove our point, we put together a video and the people are not paid actors, they're real patriotic americans who prove that there is nothing remotely phony about these scandals. watch this.


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